How to indulge in treats this holiday without feeling guilty

When it comes to nutrition for prevention, the main focus is always on lowering inflammation and including a lot of dietary antioxidants and immune boosting foods. 

And well… the simplest way to begin lowering inflammation is by reducing sugar intake. Essentially, sugar (or anything that quickly breaks down to sugar) causes a rapid release of insulin which is a big HECK NO when it comes to breast cancer prevention because breast cancer cells can develop up to 10x the insulin receptors on them than normal healthy cells. I have tons of blogs on this going into more detail HERE and podcast episodes on this HERE #2 & #3. 

But here’s the thing… as a holistic nutrition and breast cancer thriver who knows all of the reasons (and then some!) to avoid sugar… I’m not sugar free! In fact, I have a pretty big sweet tooth that I love to nurture.


The thing is… this time of year (even though it’s 2020 so no one is having a holiday party!) there is still a lot of additional temptation this time of year and I want to make sure that you are fully supported.  

I share my philosophy on nutrition all the time on my podcast and on my instagram page, but I’ll never pigeon hole someone into a particular way of eating because there is no universal approach to nutrition for prevention that will work for everyone - simply because we are all different and have unique needs for nutrient metabolism. 

There are however some universal principles that apply to everyone across the board regardless of any prevention nutrition plan you’re following. When you apply these foundational principles, you learn and understand how eating certain foods affects your body on a cellular level which allows you to make informed, conscious and empowered choices in the present moment to eat or avoid. 

 If you want to indulge, it’s ok! Recognize that it’s a present moment choice to do so. Meaning, just because you indulged once, doesn’t mean the rest of the day or week or holiday season is ruined. 

 That’s the thing with present moment choices - they’re made in the moment and can change moment by moment and day by day. The problem comes when you start to feel guilty or anxious or ashamed for the choice, because now you’re making the choice mean something about you that is completely outside of the moment and the choice.  

I always have my clients check in with the highest version of themselves before indulging. This is the version of you who recognizes that life is all about joy and sometimes joy means eating the dessert or having the wine. But this version of you also is the one who doesn’t care about this choice afterward, she relishes in the experience of being fully present and celebrating with her family and friends, and doesn’t feel guilty or anxious afterward and is happy with her choice. This is the version of you who decides that indulging in the brownie is nourishing her soul. It’s nourishing you.

This the key to indulging without guilt. 

You look at the motivation or your intention behind consuming the dessert or the wine or whatever it is, and make sure that motivation is in alignment with the highest version of you and not out of fear. 

 Because when you make decisions from this perspective, the choice is rooted in love, connection, and joy so it’s not possible for it to be created from from lower vibration emotions like restriction, fear, lack, and guilt.  

As a holistic nutritionist, breast cancer thriver, and breast health expert - this is how I consume sugar or any type of dessert for that matter. I consume it consciously


I ask myself: is this nourishing the highest version of me?

If it’s a yes, I go for it.

 Easily. Without hesitation, self judgement, or guilt. 

It’s a present moment choice to honour the highest version of me. 

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