A tiny snapshot of some happy client experiences. 

If I was going to provide a rating for Lauren's program it would be 5 stars.

I have been losing at least 2 lbs per week which is great.  Something that can be sustainable and long lasting.
The recipes were easy to make and are detailed so you can't go wrong.  The great thing about working with Lauren is she took my likes, dislikes and allergies into consideration.
Changing how I ate was, in my mind, daunting but it wasn't.  I don't wake up hungry anymore.  I haven't had the "old favorites" at all nor do I crave the snacks.  Best thing for me is that my hot flashes have stopped.   Can't thank her enough.


Thank you Lauren for your awesome advice on how to curb sugar cravings!

With some of your suggestions and recipes, I've been making a protein smoothie along with a high protein breakfast including healthy fats and it has truly been a game changer for me! I am no longer reaching for something sweet after each meal, and instead find myself craving nutritious food in its place. 
Thank you so much, I am super grateful for this life-changing advice, in addition to the many other invaluable tips you've shared with us along the way in your program thus far. Can't wait for the remaining modules!  


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